I seek out and also, stumble upon, adventure with the curiosity of a renaissance soul. One that loves reading, fine art, the outdoors and traveling (amongst 100 other things like Burberry and birthdays). But also adventure, community and communication, hence this blog. Through my personal, professional and scholarly pursuits I seek communication at its best, which I believe is a dance of words and images that spurs the soul, sparks relationships and embodies integrity.

I believe community is built through active communication and dialogue, which includes both stories and opinions. As I share mine, please share yours – especially if you disagree (but respectfully, of course). I’d also love to engage with you through Twitter, please feel free to follow my musings at @oregonintegrity. Or you can see my current adventures on soletraveler.tumblr.com or on Instagram by following @j3williams.

Life is a constant journey, come along on my quest to find my place in the world and live my motto: Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Yours, Julie

More info

  • Hometown/Residence: Portland, Oregon
  • Bachelors, English (’04): Willamette University, Salem, Ore.
  • Master’s, Strategic Communication (’09): University of Oregon, Portland, Ore.
  • Owner, Versatile Creative Consulting (versatilecreative.co): Award-winning strategic communications professional with 8+ years of combined in-house, agency and consulting experience planning and implementing successful integrated marketing communications programs, including digital, social, print, advertising, live events and publicity
  • Contact: hello@versatilecreative.co